Hashflur Dulux Easycare Kitchen Matt Paint, Chic Shadow, 2.5 Litre:Hashflur
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Dulux Easycare Kitchen Matt Paint, Chic Shadow, 2.5 Litre:Hashflur

Dulux Published in October 17, 2018, 2:01 pm
 Dulux Easycare Kitchen Matt Paint, Chic Shadow, 2.5 Litre:Hashflur

Dulux Easycare Kitchen Matt Paint, Chic Shadow, 2.5 Litre:Hashflur

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ProductPearson Reply to on 22 February 2017
Great quality paint. In the winter, we find that our walls get very cold and mouldy in the corners. So I decided to go ahead and get some paint that had mould protection built in.

I am very pleased that I went ahead with this purchase. After sanding down the walls, this paint applied very nicely. I applied 2 coats in total and it was enough to give it a nice deep coloured look with no faded areas. So I knew a third coat was not necessary. With some cheaper paints, I find I have to sometimes to up to four coats before the wall is perfect, which takes ages out of my time!

Since I applied the paint at the start of winter, we have found the wall is still in perfect condition now going into Spring, so this paint has successfully warded off the elements. So it did exactly what it says on the tin!
Dendanier Reply to on 29 April 2017
Great paint, easy to apply with a good consistency and coverage, 2 coats over coated a ghastly bright yellow and turquoise from previous owners well. Not sure if I would describe the colour as Caramel Latte, more of a light clay, though guess thats subjective with a lot of these hints. Either way its a nice subtle colour which gives the room a nice neutral warmth. So far it has proved to be durable, wiping down well. We have noticed it proiced slightly cheaper elsewhere, however it came well packaged and in good time so we were happy with the Amazon service as usual. All in all a good buy.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 8 November 2016
I love this paint and the colour looks beautiful on my kitchen walls had lots of compliments. There is no smell to it and so easy to put on and wash off.It leaves a lovely Matt finish really recommend this paint. Thanks Safina
musicman Reply to on 7 January 2018
I brought this paint for our bedroom as we loved the colour. On using it, the colour had a different lilac tinge to it which didn’t look like the sample colour. I know the colours are never the same as the sample (I am decorator by trade) but after using the sample which seemed fine, I thought it was the perfect choice. Just be aware that although the paint quality is great, the colour does change between lilac and blue tinges in different lighting. I kept the paint as I bought 2 and mixed it with white emulsion to the disired colour, which ended up being the perfect colour.
S Hawkins
S Hawkins Reply to on 17 January 2018
Nice light grey paint - needs two coats but dries nice and even.

Just a warning if you are using this in an open plan room with non-kitchen chic shadow, the kitchen+ paint is actually a slightly lighter grey and so you can't paint them side by side on the same wall without a very noticable difference.
Peter79 Reply to on 30 October 2016
Touch of grey in this paint which is exactly what I wanted and cheaper than the leading DIY store which meant I could get it delivered and not have to haul it back from the store.
SimplyCreative Reply to on 19 August 2018
Love this paint. Durable and easy to look after walls once paint. It’s worth spending more on paint - colour is lovely!

Decorators recommended to always buy Dulux Matt coat for easy care.
marky_uk Reply to on 16 June 2018
I’ve used this in a cloakroom and it goes on a treat (it’s quite thick and elasticky compared to normal Dulux trade emulsion) and provided you have decent light in the room it looks amazing. Had quite a few compliments.
Kindle Customer
Kindle Customer Reply to on 22 October 2017
Excellent kitchen paint looks good price as well.
Jason Matthews
Jason Matthews Reply to on 29 May 2018
Good rich and deep colour, good coverage too, is a bit on the thick side so might have to add some water. Very pleased with it.
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