Hashflur Unique Party 6626 - Mexican Donkey Pinata:Hashflur
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Unique Party 6626 - Mexican Donkey Pinata:Hashflur

Unique Party
Unique Party Published in October 17, 2018, 1:46 pm
 Unique Party 6626  - Mexican Donkey Pinata:Hashflur

Unique Party 6626 - Mexican Donkey Pinata:Hashflur

Price:£14.24+ Free shipping with Seks-irani Prime

theTramp Reply to on 23 May 2016
We bought this because of one utterly marvellous review which pointed out that it is really rather hard to break this pinata and that isn't perhaps the idea behind them. I would agree, it isn't, but filled with goodies and kids aged between 1 and 8 armed with boxing gloves, sticks and steely determination can have at this pirate chest for some time before it even begins to dent. Indeed, I believe the hanging mechanism broke before the pinata did. So much fun. We would recommend, but not if you are looking for a pinata that will break with ease. This is more of a pinata that will break with a great deal of effort, adult assistance and perhaps a knife. But before it does kids will have fun doing their best to destroy it.
J. B. Leon Maurice
J. B. Leon Maurice Reply to on 3 August 2017
Cheaper than Sainsburys! These little guys are REALLY tough. The boys got so fed up trying to break it with the stick that they pulled it down and attacked it in the end! The girls had their own one and that was just as difficult to break. I think they probably attacked that one as well as I don't remember it falling apart. Perhaps it's actually too tough...? Anyway, it's made beautifully and looks amazing. Holds lots of tiny bits and pieces. There's no space for anything in the legs. Only the body. So choose lots of tiny things!
Loubeelou Reply to on 21 November 2016
Bought this for our son's 9th birthday and it went down a storm! We had 24 kids ranging in ages from 1 - 13 and we got them to hit it according to age. It lasted until the second to last child hit it which was perfect!! The last boy didn't mind as he dove in first for the goodies! lol The only thing i can advise is don't buy massive things to go in it as the hole is only small. Lollies, stickers and small bits are ideal. Some things we bought were too big so were wasted but apart from that it was fab!
A&C Reply to on 13 February 2018
Looks better than in the photo, however on the smaller side. we stuffed the pinata with the sweets and it was enough for 8 kids to fill in the sweet bags - half full. the only problem we had, was that the kids were hitting the pinata on the head. it turned out, the head is divided from the rest of the body by the thick cardboard inside. and there are no sweets inside the head due to the cardboard divider. so even if you manage to knock the head off, the sweets are still locked inside the main body. try to make sure to aim for the legs or main body.
Tim Reply to on 2 April 2016
I bought this along with some friends for a friend's birthday as a joke. it was great fun and the piñata stood up to a fair beating before it broke! its only downside is that the filling hole is quite small (about 3cm by 3cm), this makes filling it a bit difficult unless you do a bit of surgery and make it bigger. overall a brilliant present and a great laugh. would recommend to anyone.
Ms. Wright
Ms. Wright Reply to on 15 December 2016
This unicorn pinata proved to be a great success at a birthday party I recently organised. It is very easy to fill and there is plenty of space for stuff inside. It also looks great, it is made from cardboard inside which you can't see until it is broken into which is nice. The only thing I would say is that it proved to be very difficult to open for the kids, There is so much parcel tape holding it together that in the end it took a couple of older brothers to break into it. Which could be quite good if you want to keep them entertained for ages but they just ended up getting bored. Anyway very pleased overall and I would buy it again, I would make sure to keep some older children around to help break it!
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 22 November 2015
Shame doesn't come with a stick to hit it with but made a great table piece in the end at my baby shower as I couldn't find anything to hit it with last minute
SWeedon Reply to on 17 March 2014
The prices is fine and fair for the kind of piñata that is. But, I am Mexican and I am very disappointed about this product. This is a flat piñata, and, they are not showing you this kind of picture, just for the front of the piñata.
If I can know that this piñata was not created with a balloon (with more volume inside), and that this is flat, I prefer not to buy and buy another more a little more expensive.
And, this is very small, I knew that this can be small, but, when you can see this, you have the feeling that is more small than you thought.
The Khul & Caussys
The Khul & Caussys Reply to on 31 May 2016
Bought this for a Hawaiian themed party and it was such a hit! Please excuse the poor pun. All the kids went crazy for it - they were aged from 3-8years old and it took a fair beating. Really well made and it can fit around 4-5 packets of the packets of sweets which you can buy in £1 shop. So for around 6 children it was more than enough. Maybe could have improved on the face of the pinata but overall very impressed. Definitely would recommend without hesitation.
Mrs. R
Mrs. R Reply to on 2 July 2018
I bought this on the basis of other reviews to say it was very sturdy and was not disappointed.
I’d like to add it’s also very roomy. I’ve purchased a different piñata recently and it didn’t fit as much as this one . This looked fantastic, held a lot of toys and was very sturdy when the kids were beating it .
Would absolutely recommend this !
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