Hashflur Customer reviews lanktoo Dog Treat Bag with Poop Bag Holder, Waterproof Dog Training Bag Pouch W/Shoulder Strap, Waist Belt, Clip, Easily Carry Dog Toys, Food - Black:Hashflur
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Customer reviews lanktoo Dog Treat Bag with Poop Bag Holder, Waterproof Dog Training Bag Pouch W/Shoulder Strap, Waist Belt, Clip, Easily Carry Dog Toys, Food - Black:Hashflur

lanktoo Published in October 17, 2018, 2:47 pm
Customer reviews lanktoo Dog Treat Bag with Poop Bag Holder, Waterproof Dog Training Bag Pouch W/Shoulder Strap, Waist Belt, Clip, Easily Carry Dog Toys, Food - Black:Hashflur

Customer reviews lanktoo Dog Treat Bag with Poop Bag Holder, Waterproof Dog Training Bag Pouch W/Shoulder Strap, Waist Belt, Clip, Easily Carry Dog Toys, Food - Black:Hashflur

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Mr. J. P. Stevenson
Mr. J. P. Stevenson Reply to on 30 December 2017
I originally purchased this as a gift for my sister, but as her dog became ill before Christmas and things are looking bad I thought it might be bad taste to give to her. So I opened this and took a closer look at it with a view to using it for our own dog.

This pouch is way better than the one we had, my favourite feature being the bag dispenser, on our old it was a loose thing that bounced around as you walked, but with this one being built in to a pocket at the side, you don't get this bounce, I also feel it is much tidier and you get two rolls of bags to get you started, they even smell slightly scented.

The large pouch is great, it is big enough to put a collapsable bowl inside, along with treats and a couple of toys, the drawstring works great, easy to use and is similar to those found on coats, you just press the button, pull and release to lock in place.

I also like the safety features, the bright orange, the reflective strips and it supposed to be waterproof (not tested this yet as we have not been out in the rain yet).

There are a couple of pockets with decent zips on them so if you wanted to, you could put personal items in them for easy access while out walking.

I was surprised by the options in which you can carry the puch, me personaly I prefer the shoulder strap, but you can also use a waist belt or clip it to your belt or belt loops. Our old on only has a belt option, so this is far better for me.

All in all a quality dog walking accessory, feels and looks nice, works well and so far no downsides to it. If my sister ever gets another dog I will have to get her one of these.

Hope this is helpful.
Ladywolf Reply to on 26 April 2018
I absolutely love this bag! You can fit everything in it and it's waterproof. There are two straps, one for waist and the other for shoulder - I prefer cross-body style as it leaves hands free and the shoulder strap is generous enough to enable me to wear the bag that way. Plenty of pockets and the 'built-in' poo bag dispenser is a great bonus (two rolls) although have to say the bags are quite thin. All in all, a great little item that I would not now be without and am recommending to all my friends with dogs. Have bought and used other treat bags in the past but would only ever buy this type from now on.
Ron Reply to on 30 May 2018
The bag itself is 5-star but it comes as a package and that includes a waist belt. Luckily I bought this for my wife and it's fine for her waist but I'm a 38" waist and the belt doesn't come close.

So .. because of the waist belt, I would have only given it 3-stars which is a pity as the bag is perfect but if you can't get it around your waist ..

But .. the supplier has contacted me and advised me that the new batch are coming with a much longer waist belt and not only that, have offered to send me the longer waist belt so I've altered my rating to 5-stars!
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 22 April 2018
We just bought a camper van and needed an area for the dogs to be safe to travel in ( other than the cage) and also which would fit across the front seats where they could sleep in at night or where we could " park " them in after rainy/muddy walks to dry off. This hammock is brilliant. It is very well made and very spacious for 2 small/ medium sized dogs. We are extremely pleased with the purchase. The only improvement we could suggest would be to have metal clips rather than plastic ones as the very tips can snatch off. ( the clips still work and are safe !!). all in all...all thumbs and paws up from us!
Monica Reply to on 28 July 2018
Really like this bag. Felt organised. I haven't quite got sorted what is best in which pocket but lots to chose from. I rather like the big orange pocket for treats rather than toys but the drawback is the internal divide which means that both have to be filled up with treats or there is a delay between an exercise being completed and the treat reward. It seems like the most obvious choice but it's working out what works for the individual circumstances. The waist strap broke first time but then the GSD puppy was going full tilt until it reached the end... ouch! I didn't plan to use it anyway so not a deal breaker. I usually use the shoulder strap for just dog walking but it does mean the bag will swing round and get in the way if you bend forwards, particularly annoying for training so I intend to use the clip onto the waist band to stabilise. The poo bags look flimsy but they have coped so far and are a good size. Not sure I like transparent bags though.
Jeffery Reply to on 15 July 2018
This car hammock has saved my rear seat. We have a long hair German Shepherd, this car hammock helps to keep dog hair inside it.
The hammock fits our Seat Ibiza well and because it is the full length of the back seat. We have used the hammock for a couple of short journeys now, from 20 mins to 1 hour. And also because of the unique design, this hammock is perfect during the summer for the car which does not have back air conditioner.
Kim199 Reply to on 26 May 2018
The other reviews seem to be for a different product. This review is for the dog car seat cover. Wow it is amazing! I wasn’t expecting much but it is really good quality. Heavy duty thick material and looks fab. Would have paid much more to be fair as it will last years. It is too big for my Toyota Aygo but I have just folded it in the middle to shorten the width. My dog loves it and it keeps my car completely hair-free, even where the seat belts come through!. It is well secured so it doesn’t move around. I just love it!
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 30 November 2017
FAO: Happy - I had an email from Amazon to answer this person's question regarding is the stitching okay. When I clicked to respond via the email I got a message from Amazon that they were no longer supporting the feedback forum (so why generate the email?!). Anyhow - The bag is great, lots of useful and roomy pockets. The stitching seems fine. The dog poo bags are rubbish though, better to use your own. I use it when dog walking at my local Rescue, I have found it much better than my previous 'bum bag'.
dragon nanAmazon Customer
dragon nanAmazon Customer Reply to on 9 May 2018
Just great it's summer , no jackets , no pockets , what to do , get this doggie bag it's is really good plenty of spaces for all rantings you need when taking your friend out for a constitutional . Fits lovely round your hips or waist and even had a shoulder strap if you are not comfy with the waist strap . The delivery was good Prime and it is really well made would highly recommend
The Newton Family
The Newton Family Reply to on 10 August 2018
I got this as a lot of dog walkers have bum bags with them these days with treats etc in where as i used my jacket pockets and ended up with crumps and all sorts in the lining. Yuk
So I opted for this, as its got quite a few wearing options.
Its very thick and sturdy . It has lots of handy pockets, strap options for over shoulder and around your waist or even clipped to you belt, plus two free rolls of poo bags. Good value when you consider.
The three zipped pockets, and the main compartment, are lined in an orange nylon fabric, and the drawstring cuff at the top is made from the same orange material. The black drawstring has a black plastic spring toggle fastening. The main compartment of the bag has a fabric divider, which is useful for keeping things more orderly. The large pouch is great, it is big enough to put a ball or bowl water bottle bowl inside. The back is a full width zipped pocket and in the left side panel there is a small vertical pocket just big enough to hold one roll of poo bags. The bags can be pulled out as required, from the roll inside this pocket, via a hole. On the front of the bag there is a full length/full width zipped .
There is plenty of room in this bag to carry all you need while out walking you pooch.
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